Friday, February 17, 2012

Quilt Baste-O-Rama: part 1

Every time I start to lay the backing fabric for this quilt out onto the floor to measure it, a little boy either decides to run across it or lay down on top of it.  

That of course is slowing my progress to baste this quilt (along with general house chores), but I cannot help but think it's pretty adorable that they like to play in my half made quilts. 

If I end up finishing some basting up this weekend, I'll host a little give away in celebration, so stay tuned.  This 9 patch and a house quilt are squarely in the path of my Baste-O-Rama energy.

Has anybody ever visited the Texas Quilt Museum?  I think it would be so fun to check it out.  I have never made it there, but it's on my to-do list someday.

I've been looking for the perfect set of everyday plates for eating on.  I love Heath (they are locally made, and have a certain heft to them that I love), but I am interested to check out the Russel Wright 1937 American Modern line from Bauer.  I am curious to see if they would hold up to the punishment we put them through.  White plates float my boat but scratches on them...unsightly!  Maybe I'll test a couple of them.

Finally, also on my to-do list this weekend is to check out Satori Team Company (37 N. San Pedro St., San Jose)  and to look for new flavors to share with my knit/quilt night girlfriends. 

If you're having a long weekend like some of us in the U.S. - enjoy and put that basting needle through it's paces.


AnnaVallance said...

I am still working on a blue and white baby quilt; two more frames to sew on and then I have to decide on a backing. Lots of fun.

Kathie said...

oh go ahead and baste that quilt today, have the DH take the boys out to play for awhile and just do it!
you will be happy you did!!!!
can't wait to see how you will quilt it.
Love the gnome , must have been tough to knit that little though!!!!
Haven't been to the Texas Quilt museum yet, it just opened up this past fall...

have a great weekend

liz said...

Si! I have been to the Texas Quilt Museum. They had their first exhibition on during the Houston Show in 2011. Lots of beautiful quilts made by Texan quilters.