Friday, June 22, 2012

Applique on Clothes: Chanin Style

What could be better than applique on quilts you might ask?

How about applique on clothing?  Well, at Verb, where I sometimes teach, they are getting quite into the work of Alabama Chanin.

I will confess that I am a sucker for an Applique Opportunity like this, and I'm thinking of trying my hand at making a skirt.  Ok, and a tank top too.  Ok, maybe with a jacket.

Project Chanin-Way, here I come.

I have never tried to make clothes before.  This ought to be....interesting!

Maybe I should take a's to hoping she's teaching near me soon.


Sonya R said...

I am totally obsessed with all thing Chanin right now. Going to try my hand at that skirt you posted. Did you know that everything is 20% off right now on her site (check out those amazing DIY kits!) through the end of June? Use celebrate at checkout:)

Lynne said...

I just love applique - where-ever, when-ever, and I also love Alabama Chanihgs work. Not sure I could applique my cothing and have it look as good as hers, mind you, do show us what you come up with!

pamela said...

If she teaches at Verb will you tell me? Maybe by my carpool bud? :-D

pamela said...

If Ms. Channin teaches at Verb, you'd tell me right??? :-D