Thursday, June 7, 2012

French Monk's Finest

When I was teaching quilting a couple of weekends ago at A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland, a couple of yarn balls found their way home with me.

See a 2 color shawl made out of this color and some purple yarn here (not made by me).

They dye various base yarns in this colorway called French Monk's Finest which is a very interesting shade of yellow/gold with greenish undertones.

I wanted to do something quick and easy with it so I started an extremely simple shawl called Mizzle by Patricia Martin.  As I have been knitting here and there on it (often times during story time at night, when my husband reads to the kids or they read to us), I had a thought.

This is an AWESOME super easy pattern.  It is super simple, could even be a beginner project, and still looks very smart. 

It doesn't take much yarn at all, and goes super fast on size 6 needles. 

If you know of somebody who wants to learn to knit, or if you just like knitting while being social at the same time, this project might just be for you.

I have the perfect coat to go with this.  From the likes of this weather, I'm not going to be wearing it anytime soon.

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