Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic knitting, and the continued saga of what not to say to a woman / your mommy

I decided to try and get through a very small new knit project during the summer Olympics this year. 

The games had so many amazing moments.  I think my favorite was when gymnast Aly Raisman got the bronze medal after Bela Karolyi encouraged her coach to protest her erroneously calculated balance beam score.  That was just incredible.  Good thing Bela was watching out for our team!

The cowl I made (if you don't knit, a cowl is bacically a neck warmer!) is from Joelle Hoverson's book "More Last Minute Knitted Gifts" and is called Soft As A Cloud Cowls.  If you knit it out of pure cashmere, as I did, then why yes - it is that soft!

Hoverson's other books are also really super, including one on quilting.

It didn't take too long to make because it is a very small project, but I was glad when it was done.  Working with skinny lace weight yarn makes for slow progress.

My least favorite moment of the Olympics came last night during a conversation with my three year old son who I adore as much as any mother has ever adored her son.

While watching track and field, women getting into the starting blocks for a sprint, he points at one of the runners:

him:  Mommy, I like that one.

me:  Oh yes, I can see why you like her best, she is very pretty.  I wonder if she will win a gold medal.

him:  She's much prettier than you are.

me:  Well, she's certainly at least 10 years younger than I am, and she basically works out all day long, so I can understand why you would think that.  Still, it isn't polite to compare how women look.

Sigh, the acquisition of manners can be a life long process for some. 

To those of you out there who consider yourselves every so slightly less fit than Allyson Felix, you're in good company.

Thank goodness for early bed time! 

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Lynne said...

Oh dear, I know just what you mean...with me it's my mother who has reached that stage where the usual 'good manners' inhibitions seem to stop working. She regularly tell me that despite all my rushing about I don't seem to lose any weight!

We are getting into the Olympics here after a slow start, the enthusiasm has increased ten-fold. And the weather is improving too!!