Sunday, September 23, 2012

Put your feet up and Quilt!

Raise your hand if you've been relaxing a lot this weekend.

You can count me out on that one.  We've been on the go as a family, but having fun all the same.

I will finally sit down for some quality time with my seam ripper tonight as I decided to re-do the border of the modern house quilt. 

The old border I have on there is so beautiful.  I love the rich dark chocolate fabric.  It is just too dark for these blocks though, and is a bit too busy.  Rather than framing the blocks like I thought it would, it detracts from the overall look of the quilt.

You, me, and the seam ripper makes three.  How cozy is that.  Ick.  Moving forward all the same sometimes takes some backwards movement as well.

For fun:

Love this modern Kobenstyle casserole dish by Jens Quistgaard: new at the Moma store.

I have a similar one that I got used in yellow, and I'm using it to store thread of all things.

Digital wallpaper to die for (in case you're ready for a change):  wow

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Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Thanks for the digital wallpaper tip - it's gorgeous!