Friday, November 23, 2012

My Friend the Quilt Artist: Carol Current

I have had the pleasure of knowing quilt artist Carol Current for more than ten years, and it is a treat to enjoy not only her friendship but the visual feast of the quilts she designs.
Ages ago I started quilting because my mom is a quilter.  It's always interesting to learn how other people started and what inspired the spark.

For Carol, she started sewing when she was little by making clothes for her dolls with a neighbor friend.  

As adults Carol and her sewing childhood friend luckily found themselves at an art quilt show on campus at Boston University in 1987.

Carol was amazed by the quilts there, but the most memorable were a crab quilt by Ruth McDowell (photos of some of her quilts can be seen around), a piece by Judith Larzelere, and a quilt titled "Unwinding the MBA" by Caryl Bryer Fallert. 

She basically took up quilting then and never looked back.

I don't have a copy of  "The Quilters:  Women and Domestic Art, an Oral History," but it comes recommended by Carol so it's on my short list to check out and perhaps on my list for Santa too!

Carol designed the small quilt above as a gift for a good friend.  I was trying to steal it from her before it got to her friend (who I'm sure is a lovely person, and deserves it very much), but you can't blame me for trying.  It's an amazing piece, stunning in person.

The design was inspired by a fireplace screen and she used a lot of Japanese fabric and embroidery in the creation of the quilt. 

I cannot restrain myself from putting a second detailed photo in:

Thanks Carol for sharing your quilt with the readers, and your story of quilted inspiration.

If others would like to share your story of why you started quilting, I'd love to hear about it.


Kreasi Bundae Qilla said...

I liked the design carol, there is a desire to try to make as it is ..
I actually started learning patchwork and quilting as see the work of someone .. Laurraine Yuyama of Patchwork pottery, I was amazed at his work. From there I started to find out all about patchworkk & quilt, and looking for information on where I can learn to like it ..
finally, now I can learn, although only the initial stage. I hope to learn all the techniques properly .. and make work better ..
I was delighted to be given the opportunity by marisa sister to share the experience .. thank you

AnnaVallance said...

That is such a beautiful quilt! Hopefully one of these days I will get over my fear of applique.

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

A visual feast indeed! Thank you for sharing this beautiful quilt. I started quilting many years ago as a newlywed. I specifically wanted to make a quilt in the manner of my great grandma (completely by hand) so the project - a 9 patch crib quilt - took many months. Later my grandma taught me how to machine piece and quilt, which helped me produce more than just one small quilt per year;).

Lynne said...

how absolutely beautiful! I do love a spot of applique, and do a lot myself - but not to this standard!