Friday, December 7, 2012

Look Who's Turning 35! San Jose Quilt Museum Celebrates in Style

If I threw a rock from south my back yard, I could not quite hit the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, but if I had a really nice paper airplane there would be hope.

They are celebrating their 35th birthday and have a pretty cool collection of quilts up on the walls right now.

Many of the quilts are antiques, some are more modern.  If you like old quilts, this show is for you.  

My favorite part about this show is that because it is made up of pieces from their permanent collection, you can take as many photos as you like.  It's really nice.

I took a few more photos, will post them for you to see.  

If you live in San Jose, California, I'd call this one not to be missed.


Kathie said...

Love this one! ok, ok , ok I want to see them all , can't wait!!!!
thanks for sharing

Kathie said...

hey I just read on their website there is a catalog for this show, did you get a chance to look at it worth buying can't believe their charging that much for shipping though!