Sunday, March 17, 2013

It Itches!

I finally finished the first of the Every Flavor Socks for my 4 yr old.

When he tried it on he immediately said, "It ITCHES!"


Do I make the next one just so he'll pose for a photo?  Or wash it and hope it gets softer maybe?

Oh dear.  The calamity.

Maybe I should restrict my knitting 'gifts' to the feet of my DH instead!  Not sure he could get away with these colors

Or perhaps just time to get a copy of Franklin Habit's book for story book time.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Oh No! Marisa, what a blow, this is such a wonderful sock!!! Perhaps when washed and fabric softened? I t would be such a shame not to finish the pair and have him wear them. I would proudly sport these beauties!!