Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brain Teaser

Just a quick brain teaser for you to wrap up your weekend.  Excuse the fact that it isn't exactly related to quilting.

Anybody out there recognize this object?  

Clue: I ran into it recently in Southern California.

If you live there, you can visit it too but only through April 21st.  My boys (even the adult one) got a huge kick out of this exhibit.


Lynne said...

I'm tempted to say the Ark of the Covenant! But no, it's more Eygyptian, isn't it? Or am I completely out of whack? Come on, tell us!! Lx

The Calico Cat said...

It's a replica of the arc of the covenant.

Lynne said...

I said that but it wasn't published - did I not post properly?

Colleen said...

I know!! I know!!