Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm probably not the only person on planet Earth that loves Baseball season.

In past years I have cheered for my old home town team.  I will admit that I still love them, although I also cheer for the new home town team these days.

If you're into baseball, you may wonder if it's possible for one person to like these two teams.  I'm might be the only example of this sort of a sports fan.

Major league sports aside, this year is a very special season.  Our son has decided to play ball this year, and is having a great time at it.  He even received the 'Game Ball,' last weekend, a great honor going to the player of the game.

I have been knitting a little sweater called the Little Oak Cardigan by Alana Dakos during the games.  It's sized for our 4 yr old who's opinion on the matter is:

"Mommy, I don't really want a sweater."

Sigh.  I will finish it anyhow, and at least make him model it for a photo.  It may then be shipped off to a niece so that it will be actually worn.  

How I managed to produce a kid who doesn't like hand knit sweaters...I will never know.  Good thing he's so cute.


Julie Fukuda said...

I've got grandkids wearing things I knit for their parents! Hang in there.

Colleen said...

Fingers crossed he hates it!