Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creative Queue

Do you have a creative queue of some sort?

I have a long running list of projects that I want to work on, with a priority/interest order that shifts with my mood, time, and my ability to concentrate.

I find this queue of creative endeavors to be unfortunately mostly managed on post-it notes stuck to my phone, my desk, and at times (dark times) my pants.

Do you have tips on how to manage your creative projects, how to list them all down, how to organize, prioritize, and keep them all in your thoughts to someday be at last completed?

If you have good ideas on how to do this, pleeeeeease, pretty please share them with me.  I'm all ears.

Until that happy day, here are a few things I'm kicking around...not really in priority order yet (I need help, obviously!).

  • Wrist Warmers (above) out of Lollipop Yarn, colorway Life Is Beautiful
  • Basket Quilt: applique handles down, baste it and quilt it (small, so will go quickly!)
  • Owl embroidery project from kiriki - starting it as soon as my new embroidery hoop arrives, apologies in advance to the owl, your destiny is probably to become a pincushion!
  • Sweater for my 8 yr old
  • Socks for my mom 
  • Wedding Signature Quilt: for goodness sake it's been almost 10 years, this awesome quilt deserves better
  • Birthday Signature Blocks: you have seen me working on these for ages, time to pre-applique down all the numbers for my kids and nieces

    That's the short list, I swear!

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Granny Maud's Girl said...

I also have a queue. It is a frighteningly long and disorganised list. I also look forward to any helpful comments. I think my problem is simply that I have more ideas for things I want to make than time to make them, so I am always behind.