Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Embroidery with Kiriki Press

My order came in from Kiriki Press and instead of putting maps in the side pocket of my car door I now have an embroidery hoop floating around in there.

That is a sign as to how much I love these tiny projects.

They are bite sized and not hard to complete.  Even a beginner like me can have a pretty great time.  I ended up with 3 of them because you bounced into free shipping after you get more than 2.

I started with the Sloth since I think it's likely my kids will fight over the bear I decided to save him for last. 

The owl that I made back in the beginning of the month went together quickly.  I'm distracted with Halloween right now so progress is at a different pace.

Looking forward to a spooky evening later this week.

To get ready for it we carved some pumpkins this weekend.  More on that and my visit to The Makery in Los Altos in an upcoming post.

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