Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home Plate Is Where the Heart Is

It's no secret that I like baseball.

Our family was lucky enough to attend the last game of the year last weekend with the SF Giants.

I did a little knitting on the way home, but outside of that was too glued to the game to do much else while it was going on.

I have always wanted to run across home plate of a major league ball field and I finally got my chance. 

Above is a photo of my dream coming true, me running across home plate.  It felt pretty good.  My kids had of course run much faster than me since I was taking a bunch of photos along the way.

We had dinner at Gotts in San Francisco.  Yummy, affordable, and acceptable to eat there with kids.  Not an easy combo to find in any big city. 

Did not have time to visit my favorite Peapod fabrics, but another trip will certainly be in order in the not so distant future.

On to topics of incredible things I've run across lately:

1)  Check out the work of Chalk Artist Dana Tanamachi.  She lives and works in New York and designs art for chalk boards in shops, companies, restaurants.  The fonts she uses are beautiful. 

They make me think about the ink on fabric that I do...I wonder if I shouldn't expand some of the fonts that I use.  Check out her time lapse videos, they are just incredible.

2)  Briar top by Megan Nielsen - goodness I would also like to make this shirt.  I had probably better make the other shirt patters I already own first.

3)  Soto Softies:  These stuffed sewn toys by Maritza Soto are soooo cute.  Some bats are in my not so distant future.  If your kids need some bats too, you only need to click a couple of times and have $7 at your disposal.  Ok, you'll probably do some sewing too, but that's the fun part.  I cannot wait to make a bat.  Seriously.  Cannot wait.

4)  Kiriki stuffed toys:  These adorable kits to make embroidered dolls are to die for.  I got the horned owl kit on my visit to The Workroom and started making it.  The fabric is screen printed by hand.  The design is modern and adorable.  I am only sad that I don't own them all.  We may have to work on fixing that.

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