Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's almost time!

It's almost time for St. Nick to turn up.  Until his arrival, our gifts for family and friends are all wrapped up and en route to the right spots.

Here's hope they all get to the right spots.

I used white gel ink pens and brown craft paper along with silver sparkle baker's twine to pull it off.  Oh yes, and some colored pencils too.

The package that my son is holding up is for our uncle who's birthday is on Christmas, so we never forget to send an extra gift for him.

This year I'm asking for Santa to bring some anti-cough vibes to our household.  Everybody has a cough and the horrible air quality due to the Big Sur fire is certainly not helping.  Send a cough-free thought our way here.


Lynne said...

Fab, Marisa, I love your wrapping paper! Lx

Lynne said...

Fab, Marisa, I love your wrapping paper! Lx

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful wrappings! Thanks for the idea. Hope your coughing--and the air--clear soon.

Spun Right Round said...

This is the most beautiful packaging ever!

sherry said...

i am so late to post but the wrapping paper was amazing. i feel so privileged to have received one with my name on it! we are keeping these by the way. they are a work of art.