Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mochimochiland Contest Winner (me!) & Empty Spools

I have luck in some things, but I've never been one to win a lot of contests.

That changed a little bit today when Anna Hrachovec from the famous MochiMochiland knitting books and blog selected one of my photos for Honorable Mention in the annual photo contest.  Check out the other winners here.  For more about my photos of the teenie turtles (knit on something like size 00 needles, if I recall...) check out some of my past posts on knit mochimochi turtles.

Thanks very much Anna for hosting the contest and for making me blush by selecting me from so many entries for this cool honor.  Perhaps it's time for me to knit a mochimochi Yeti.

I finally watched this really campy movie last night called The Perfect Game about a Mexican Little League team who had such a cool real life story that they made it into a movie.  Although it was a bit low budget, the movie itself was heart warming and I enjoyed seeing it.  While watching I worked a bit on my Alabama Chanin DIY skirt, and in the end found myself with an empty spool.  I'm wondering how many more spools to go before it's done!  Maybe another 4 or 5?  Stay tuned.

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