Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hope that your new year was full of joy and peace.  We had a great holiday in general and relaxed for once.

I'm still working away on lots of creative projects.  Progress is more tortoise than hare, but progress is progress.

My Alabama Chanin DYI skirt is almost 1/4 done after a road trip of working on it and some evenings watching movies.  It will probably be a while before it is actually done.  I may have to have a small party whenever I get another quarter of it finished.  I'm also thinking of playing around with some embroidery on the waist band just for decoration and to have some fun.

Some movies I saw were good, some not so much:

The Internship - feel free to skip it
South Pacific - time to re-watch this movie is always now, I could watch it all day
The Perfect Game - awesome, inspiration story of a Mexican little league team, highly recommend

Next up for me is The Lightening Thief.  I hope it's worth seeing.

I'm also knitting my first KnitSpot knitting pattern by Anne Hanson.  It's a sock pattern so very portable called Waffle Cream socks.  I'm knitting them for my DH.  It's a lot of 1x1 work, so slow, but looking ok so far.  Photos of that soon.

As for my theme for 2014, I think it will be Finishing.  I have so many incredible projects that deserve to be finished, let's see what I can do to put a fork in a couple big ones. 

Wish me luck on that.  It won't be easy.

You have your theme picked out?  Broken any juicy resolutions yet?

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