Friday, February 7, 2014

Hand Handspun

I tried on the handspun wrist warmer I knit ages ago.  

When I made it I thought the colors are too wild for my taste so I never made the 2nd one.

It hasn't been cold enough here so far this winter to need them really, but the more I look at the the more I like it.

Am I starting to lose my mind?  Look at all this wild color!


Lynne said...

Hahaha! Make that second mitt, Marisa! I LOVE the wool, and I don't think it is wild at all.

marianne said...

Love it! Knit the 2nd one! :)

marianne said...

Love it! Knit the 2nd one! :)

Laren said...

I love the colours, I don't think they are wild at all. I think they look very natural, makes me think of the Scottish Highlands with the subdued greens and heather purples.