Monday, February 3, 2014

Knitting Homework & The Fine Art of Procrastination

Getting ready for my argyle sock class...

There is a tiny bit of homework which seems to be knitting up quickly.

I'm looking forward to class more so because some of my best friends will be taking it with me.  If I never learn how to knit an argyle sock, I'm not sure it will matter much.

I put the homework off as long as I could and there is some small sick pleasure to the art of procrastination. 

It's looking like it will end up coming together before the class.  Sweating = done!  Ok, mostly done that is.


Jodi said...

I love it! The "art of procrastination", and you're right, there is some sick pleasure in that, although it usually comes around to bite us in the end. Have fun knitting - I predict in no time you will be showing us a pair of finished socks!

marianne said...

You're ahead of me. I still need to do my homework! I look forward to seeing you guys.