Friday, February 21, 2014

Stitches West 2014

There are only two 'events' in the quilting and knitting universe that make my pulse rise.

PIQF (of course!) and Stitches West.

Last night was the Stitches West market preview, so I took a run over there in the evening to check out the yarn and take advantage of the late hours.  It was a real hoot.

I ran into boat loads of podcasters, including the Knitmore Girls, The Yarniacs, and Never Not Knitting's Alana.  I also had a sighting of the Knit Lit Chicks but they were on the go so we didn't get to chat.

It was fun to see all the latest goodies in the yarn-land.  I ended up with a couple more balls of sock yarn because, well, one can never have too many socks.  Right? 

My family may be sick of all the hand knit socks I make them but they have yet to ask me to stop and the kids are growing out of them at times too.  I have a bit of a more is more approach to socks.

The most fun I had was of course in the A Verb For Keeping Warm booth where I could have just stayed all night, but resigned myself to a couple of yarn balls  (including what you see above) and headed home.

I'm taking an argyle sock class all day tomorrow so wish me luck with that.

Have a great weekend.  If you're in the California Bay Area, stop in at stitches...the colors are amazing and it smells like clean sheep!

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