Monday, May 19, 2014

Focus and lack there of

Creative work for me has its own ebb and flow.

There is always something going on, but things move between one focused project and several things getting worked on at the same time.

It seems the more crazy my non-creative life is, the less focus I devote to the creative side. 

Projects have been all over the map lately with none of them getting a lot of attention but lots of them getting a small amount.  I started reading 3 books at the same time if that tells you something about my frame of mind.  Isabel's Bed (long story) and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? are the two that I like the most.

The only thing that got finished recently is the above rainbow sock and that is just because of the amount of baseball games we have had lately and a bit of weekend travel of my part.

In case you're wondering, it's self-striping yarn from British dyer Fab Funky Fibers that moves through 15 different rainbow colors and has a decent amount of cashmere for a very soft feel.  I don't usually knit socks for myself but I will confess I'm keeping these even if they are too crazy to wear out and about.

I hope to have a quiet summer with some rare relaxation in store for me.  I have lofty goals of finishing a big quilt before the PIQF entry form deadline.   They haven't posted the entry form yet, but the deadline is usually in the August time frame.  

Some people don't like to see their quilts hanging in the show and find it annoying to have an unknown person officially judge their quilt.  I take the judge comments with a grain of salt and use them to improve future projects as best I can.  The real reason I like to have my quilts in the show is to inspire other people and hope it leads them to their own new creative fork in the road for them.

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Sharon Troia said...

I love them! They are gorgeous :) Thank goodness for baseball games, family time + creative time = Happy Mommy!