Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baltimore bliss....

Before I got super into Japanese quilting, and taupes, I decided I was going to make a Baltimore Album quilt.

I managed to complete all 16 blocks, but I'm stuck at the point where I need to start to put ink on them. It's sort of like giving your quilt a tattoo, so I'm nervous about it, and need to do some serious planning before I put that pigma pen down on these babies.

They are a mix of blocks from Elly Sienkiewicz, Mary Mannakee quilt, and other places along the way.

I used picasa to stitch a "virtual" quilt together. I basically just took 1 photo of each block and picasa threw the above image together in nothing flat. Will probably use some sort of sash once blocks are really coming together, but cute to see them all lined up.

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