Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grandparent joy

Babies and grandparents have a special relationship, but this baby of ours and my parents are thick as thieves. They run around together...and have a really fun time.

We are visiting for about 2 weeks, since I'm transitional between my old job, and the new one. It doesn't start until early April, so some time off in between to relax with family has been awesome.

Above is the clover plastic tool to make cherry blossom yo yo's that I used on the red one below for the humbug bag decoration. I have never seen this in the US before, I think it's currently only available in Japan.

Also, yesterday, I met my mom's quilting friend, and she gave us a super handy way to store Dear Jane blocks. But that will be for tomorrow's post. Stay tuned, it's really cute. Thanks Mrs P. for the cool idea!!!

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Lisa K. said...

Wow. That gadget is sooo cool! I tried making a heart yo-yo from Penny Sanford's tutorial and found it very hard to do! I need the heart yo-yo maker...