Saturday, March 17, 2007

Craic is 90

Genetically, I'm a mostly Irish person. Of course, there's other stuff sprinkled in there, but today of all days, I am and will claim to be more Irish than anything else.

"Craic" in Irish (this is a "G" rated blog, btw) is not an illegal substance...just means "fun" or enjoyment. The fact that it's 90...well, that means that really now we're all having a great time.

Since I'm taking some time off work for a couple weeks, the craic really has been 90, and so has the quilting actually. I just finished 2 more Dear Jane blocks, so need to iron and trim those guys up. It's so fun having time to do what I like. I hope I don't get too used to this...I think my husband is still expecting me to actually start my new job in April.

Also, have you heard about these online Dear Jane groups? Think some girls in my quilt group have signed up for this. Not sure if they are in this one or not. Cool anyhow.

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