Saturday, May 19, 2007

Small quilt group

Last night I stayed out almost until midnight with my small quilt group. We had such a huge blast getting caught up, it was really nice to see the girls.

I'm taking a little break in between quilting projects to work on some sashiko. Eventually it will become a pillow cover.

In other news, I got "tagged" by Sarah of Village Quilter blog. I think this is the blogger form of a chain letter, but I'm still trying to think of 7 facts about myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll post 7 interesting quilting facts about myself! Anyhow, thanks Sarah for thinking of me! I'm figure it out eventually!


Lynn said...

Your sashiko looks amazing. I'm afraid of hand sewing anything... all my stitches come out so uneven!

The Calico Cat said...

Love the sashiko... I have one that I plan to use as a quilting motif...