Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July fireworks

Hope that your mid-week holiday is an awesome one. Nothing as nice as a paid day off.

My fireworks this year came in the form of a quilted flag from my sweet sister. It arrived just in time to hang on my wall and decorate our 4th of July holiday.

Thanks little sis, your work, as always, is precise and beautiful. I have the perfect place for this in my kitchen.

We're off to Shoreline tonight for a concert, picnic, and fireworks show...hope that the baby isn't too scared by them, but he's almost 2 now, so he's not exactly a baby anymore.

I'm sure he'll say "WooooooooooooWWWWW!"


LuvMyPup said...

You're sister is quite talented. I love the flag!

Not Lucy said...

Very cute little flag!

Quilting Pirate said...

What a great flag - what a wonderful sister you have!

Hope your 4th was fun!

Chara Michele said...

What a lovely quilted flag! Your sister is very talented:)