Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fabrics from Japan

I found out yesterday that my old college roommate is off to Japan for a few days vacation.

She asked me if there was anything to do there, or any good places to eat...I said that I would have to talk to her in person because to email it all would take too long.

It got me thinking about what you need to go through in order to get real Japanese imported fabrics here in the states. Here are a couple web sites, if you're into the traditional stuff:

Yoko Trading - These guys have a pretty impressive collection of Yukata (traditional cottons, mostly blue and whites, used to make summer outfits). Some really beautiful pieces here.

Shibori Dragon - you would potentially assume this site carries actual Shibori fabrics, but truthfully, they do not.

They do however have probably the most insane Sashiko fabric I've ever seen. This fabric has wash-away lines that you embroider on leaving a beautiful pattern after you wash it.

I completed one of these not that long ago.

Azabu-ya - I know the owner of this shop, Mariko, and have talked about it before, but if you are interested in some very cool imports, she's Japanese and has a great eye for color when she makes fabric purchases for the online store.


Sara said...

Gosh, your quilts are all so gorgeous! I'm still trying to work up my courage for big projects like that...

You're right - the fabrics at azabu-ya are gorgeous! :drool:

norththreads said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wonderful links and Im totally enjoying your blog!