Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quilt Block for school

Our son got a new teacher at his nursery school and she asked each kid to decorate a quilt block and bring it back in.

This of course is the homework project from heaven for a mommy like me, so I cut up a bunch of felt and went sorta nuts.

Wanted to keep it pretty simple and quick, but really enjoyed doing it, and hope that I measure up to the other crafty parents in the class.

Also, I alphabetized the sidebar on the right of my blog - finally - so you can find some very cool blogs over there. Most do some sort of sewing along with other crafty stuff. Of course my favorites are those that do some Japanese crafts.

I just discovered Kwoozy's blog - which has some very interesting 3D fruit softie pictures. I love to stuff things, maybe some fruit is in order. Yikes, so many projects, so little time.


Anonymous said...

hello marisa, thanks for coming by! you made me feel good about prewashing hehe.. i have learnt my lesson.

softies are so fun! try the pear! easy to do and you are so going to want to make lots.

Mama Urchin said...

I love the colors you chose for the quilt block. So preschool but fresh too.

Amy said...

How fun is that homework, I wouldn't even call that homework! Love you appliqued blocks, really lovely :)

Sara said...

What a cute assignment! You'll have to try and post a picture of the finished quilt. ^^

And there is something soooo adorable about stuffed fruits! I'd love to see you do some... or maybe a fruit quilt? tehe

Natalie said...

"... so many projects, so little time..." I hear ya! It's just terrible. Hey, what if I play the lotto and win, then I will create a "Crafty Mother's Scholarship?" It will be a house-cleaning allowance to free-up time for wonderful women like yourself... ooh, I just love a good idea... LOL!

Lauri said...

Oh how I love Kindergarten and First Grade homework! Too bad the teachers don't keep a whole lot of creativity in the lesson plans as they get older.

That quilt block is adorable!