Monday, August 27, 2007

San Diego Quilt Show 2007

This is a shot of my favorite quilt at the San Diego Quilt Show.

It's part of the American Quilt Study Group, and a challenge they put out there for their members.

In person, this quilt is nothing less than stunning. I stood in front of it open mouthed, in pure admiration of the work that went into this awesomely (is that a word?) beautiful 1800's reproduction quilt. The whole thing was hand quilted.

There were lots of other quilts there too that were cute, the the repro's just bowled me over.

The coolest thing I bought was a seam ripper and stylus from Westenskow & Sons. These are AMAZING! So cute. Hand made wooden tools, custom stained and tons of colors and styles to choose from. Seriously - their web site, I must say, leaves something to be desired...but I'll put some pix of them up soon and you will realize you need to get one of these.

The Stylus is perfect for making preformed applique pieces and will help you use starch and not burn the living heck out of your cute little manicure - or fingers for that matter!

Boo, I just realized the cutest nail salon in all of San Francisco is closing. I guess that's what I get for only going there a couple times a year.


Lynn said...

I agree, that quilt is beautiful! Seeing this makes me excited for PIQF... I haven't gone to a quilt show yet and I'm not going to miss this one!

Jan said...

So excited to find this site. Love the quilts from the show. I was wondering if you know who carries books by Yoko Saito. I cannot find them?

Marisa said...

Let me know if you want to meet there for a coffee or something...I'm taking a bunch of classes.