Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's an antique children's sewing machine!

Well, thanks for all the creative guesses.

This item neither peels apples, nor shaves ice. It was built in 1910 and is an antique children's sewing machine by Singer.

Bonus points for Amy of Ibby Quilts. She is the only one to guess correctly what the object is.

Pleeeeeeeese check out her amazingly cool blog, these embroidered buttons she makes are to DIE for!

My little sister got this pint-sized sewing machine as a birthday gift from our parents about a month ago. I'm thinking...did they put the wrong name tag on that gift? That is so cool! She'd better keep a good eye on it!

In other news, it did rain today. The outdoor quilt show at Alden Lane nursery did still hang quilts but they were hanging inside their buildings instead of out in the garden. I didn't drive all the way there to see it.

Maybe next year we'll get some improved weather.


Oiyi said...

Oh wow, that is really cool!

teodo said...

Oh oh I would never be able to guess.
ciao ciao

Natalie said...

Love the candy apple red... so, it works and everything? Actually, it probabaly works better than my Costco special, which has been misbehaving a whole LOT. Is it inevtibale that a cheap machine will junk out in 2 years?

Cheryl said...

The little sewing machine is just too cute! Your little sister better keep it close to her...seems you like it very much! ;)

Lynn said...

Haha. That's amazing. And I'm amazed by how exact Amy was with her guess..

Chara Michele said...

That is really neat! :)