Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cake Rock Beach by Purl

Purl, of course, is one of my fav hang outs for picking up the latest Japanese Fabric while living in the U.S.

As if their current fabric selection wasn't tempting enough, it looks like they are coming out with their own line! Cake Rock Beach is the name of it, and the colors look natural, rich, and simply amazing.

Don't think you can get any samples at this early date, but there are some pix up on Flickr that temp me into making some space in my stash!

Check out this taupe-y looking flavor!


Natalie said...

Oh no...I mean Oh-wow! I just can't stand to discover more beautiful fabric! It's so *new.* I am really excited about the look. Maybe if I don't personally buy more fabric, but add it to my Christmas list, then it won't count as more over-buying of fabric (?) I love these trivial, blessed dilemmas!

Lynn said...

I haven't decided how much I like the new line, but I LOVE the name. Cake Rock Beach. Can it get any greater than that?

Chara Michele said...

I just saw that post on purl and I love the fabric in the blue & brown. So very pretty!