Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Yoko Saito - Quilt Party

I'm sad to say that when contacting a Japanese exporting company in hopes of finding copies of Yoko Saito's Quilt Party books, they said they are no longer available in Japan.

It makes me want to grab a ticket to the Tokyo Dome show in January, and ask her myself what I have to do to scrounge up a copy. Of course, I want copies of all 7 issues that have come out for the last 7 years.

Well, I'm not giving up yet, but anyhow, it's a decent challenge that's for sure.

In other news, I snapped up a used Yoko Saito book from Ebay for $5 US, so I guess it's not all bad.

Fabric from above is probably going to be a little bag or something...it's flocked. Can you wash such a thing? I doubt it.


Lynn said...

I've never heard of Yoko Saito before, I'll have to check her out!

Marlene said...

Kinokuniya in Costa Mesa has ordered books and kits for me from Quilt Party, Yoko Saito's shop. I have received four fabric kits for her BOM in NHK magazine @ $22.40 each, and they have more in stock. I am waiting for the Quilt Party 2006 and 2005 books. Please e-mail for more info and person to contact. I was also at PIQF...spent too much at the Pinwheels booth! :o)

Marisa said...

Oh Marlene...I must know more about who to contact...I'll be calling them tomorrow. That is such great news. I cannot see your email address from your post, but looking forward to learning more!

Marlene said...

Sorry - first time I've posted to a blog, and I thought you could see my e-mail address. Megumi is the person to ask for at Kinokuniya. She works M,T,Th,F and some Sat. If you mention Virginia Johnson (my middle name is Marlene) she will know you are another one of those quilters addicted to anything Yoko Saito. :o) Have you seen the NHK BOM? It's wonderful -all natural plant/flower appliques. Each kit has fabric for two blocks - Daiwabo, Lecien or Westex - mostly Saito's Centenary Collection. You can e-mail me @ thimblebee@charter.net if you'd like more info.