Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Simons thimbles

Simons has been making thimbles since the 1800's or earlier? Not sure of the history of this amazing company.

Anyhow, this is an antique thimble that I scored off ebay (yes, I'm an addict, no I don't plan to stop using ebay).

Their thimbles are the most beautiful I have come across. Perhaps you have some recommendations of others, but personally I think, their simplicity and craftmanship take the cake.

It looks like they even have a rimmed quilter which is my favorite style of thimble. How pretty, in sterling silver. Mmmm...

On a different note, I also ran into this pretty comprehensive guide of shopping in Japan. I appreciated the effort the author put into it, and thought others might enjoy reading it.


a blogger said...

What a beautiful photograph. I'm a first time visitor from Be*Mused, your blog is lovely. Looking at the thimble made me appreciate the hundreds of hours of use and care that it must have received over the years, and the wonderful creations that it must have been a part of, what a treasureful thing to have. It surely has found a wonderful new home to be admired and appreciated for its beauty.

Natalie said...

There is something gratfying about a thimble... small, crafted, functional, yet decorative. I would love to see one being made. Have you ever seen the Canadian program "How It's Made?"
Happy thimble, in a happy home.