Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Clinton, Obama, McCain, Romney...it's a policical three ring circus on TV tonight with so many state primary elections.

Some folks just live to watch the elections, but I'm sorta looking forward to other topics even though there is a lot more still to come.

I knit this little hat for the friend of my son, after I found another yarn ball after I lost the first one I was going to finish the hat with....I'm so glad it's finally done. I need to hurry and drop it into the mail before it gets too warm to even wear.

Is knitting a winter sport? Are there those of you out there knitting year round? Hm...while I ponder that, I think I'll head back to a bit of quilting.

I guess my "Super Tuesday" is going to end with a good read of one of my favorite blogs, "Super Eggplant". No political messages over there for those of you who are glued to CNN, but some very cool cooking going on lately.


luv Abby said...

mmmmmm..... I am a all year round knitter....I love having a couple of projects on the needles or hooks that I can pick up when the bug hits..... but I do like a bit of everything.... hehe.... thanx for the link...
luv Abby

Kates said...

Woo Obama! :D

And I am a year round knitter. And by "year round knitter" I mean it takes me a year to finish my scarf. :]

Oiyi said...

Love the color!

Chara Michele said...

I have sort of wondered too if people knit year round or just in the winter... I think I might actually try some spring/summer knitting this year by knitting up a couple of washcloths. That seems like an okay project for that time of the year. :)