Friday, April 11, 2008

Papa visit

This weekend my husband is off at a photo workshop, getting inspiration in Big Sur, California and getting inspiration from his instructor, Eddie Soloway (amazing photos here).

My dad, affectionately known around here as Papa, flew in to give me a hand and serve as 2-yr-old entertainment. He's amazing, and the two of them are like peas and carrots.

I'm sure it will be a fun weekend, but will include a little visit to the photo school to see Daddy for dinner, so likely not to get much quilting in.

Some of you out there are still getting a lot of sewing done. Alex, of Moonstitches just made this to-die-for Mexican Pinwheel quilt block. The beauty does sometimes lie in the details, in small tiny pieces fitting together, just so.


Takako said...


Thank you for your visit on my blog. Hope you will have a nice time with your Papa.
Take care!!

Zegi said...

Oh I can't wait for our dogwood to bloom! Last year a cold snap killed all of the flowers before it got anywhere. Have fun with your papa!


Thank you so much, Marisa. The Mexican Pinwheel is just showing, once again, how easily hand sewing can be included in everyday life and how one stitch at a time will lead to a finished block eventually.
145 days to go... seems so soon. Hope you are feeling good!