Saturday, May 3, 2008

World's tiniest pincushion

I have developed a fetish for making the worlds tiniest pincushions.

They are so addictive, and I'm started to make them in all sorts of fruit shapes. This little tomato was shipped off to Zegi inside the little bag, to kick off her collection of sewing goodies in there.

I used wool roving from Bird Brain Designs along with some other wool fabrics for the top leaf that I've collected over the years.

Being tempted to make billions of these in every fruit flavor, and opening an Etsy shop....perhaps I should be restrained before I give up my day job to create these all day long.


Zegi said...

Oh how cute! You are too kind!

jovaliquilts said...

Who would blame you if you made a zillion? They're adorable!

Inklore said...

So,so cute!

Unknown said...

so, this picture does nothing as far as scale of the pin cushion. but let me tell you, BOY does it look tiny!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, you should definitely stop work to make these all day long. They are just beautiful and I would love to have one or a dozen. I love your photos!!!