Tuesday, May 6, 2008

FMLA, CA PDL, CFRA, and other such evils

Oh, if you know what any of the above acronyms stand for, God bless you, as you have been through the hoops to take a maternity leave from your job.

Trying to figure out what all these overlapping leaves mean to me personally has been our project for the evening. I feel like I now have a PhD in the subject.

Above is another of the world's tiniest pin cushions, this time w/ a pin for scale. It's a strawberry with a little flower on top, in case you didn't guess that.

On a lighter note, I went to the coolest nursery today with my friend Sharon, and we scored some seriously cool veggies for the upcoming season.

Think I'm most excited about the 4th of July tomato that is supposed to be at least 10 days earlier than Early Girl, and will actually give you fruit for the 4th of July picnic!

Now THAT would be something!

What's going in your planter box this year?


Zegi said...

I received your giveaway gift yesterday...it is so darling! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway :) Good luck with the acronyms, I know it was frustrating for me to figure out.

Chara Michele said...

That is such a tiny pincushion! So cute :)

Sally Hess said...

Too funny about the tomatoes! I've been away from your blog for a long time, so missed your news about the baby on the way. I also have a son (3 1/2) and am expecting another boy. Get this -- I'm only three days ahead of you! Your pregnancy counter caught my eye, so I clicked over and we're neck and neck. So we'll have to wait and see which of gets our pair of boys first?! :)

But with a September boy on the way, my garden is also going to be full of the *earliest* of early producers! Though I'm hoping for my husband to take a nice paternity leave, so he can handle all the harvesting! :)

Sarah said...

You just *had* to talk about gardening! We just started to clean out the weeds from last year's dormant raised garden... Trying to figure out if it's too late to plant since it's already so hot here in TX!