Saturday, June 21, 2008

Liberty of London fabric quest

In search of Liberty of London fabric, I drove up to San Francisco this morning.

Parking was strangely easy near Union Square, although ALL the tourists were out. Not sure if I was really one of them, but I guess by default of living in San Jose all the time, I probably was.

My husband and son caught a train up there, and I drove to pick them up at the station. For an almost 3 yr old boy, a 1.5 hr train ride is pretty much as good as it gets. He loved it of course.

We grabbed some lunch and headed over to Britex Fabrics.

Liberty of London fabrics are on the 2nd floor, and they have a good selection, probably around 20 different bolts, maybe a few more. I was sort of expecting a wall full of them, but their selection was very pretty.

I was saving this blog post so I could show you pretty pictures of all the new quarter yards I picked up, however, I must admit that I got a bit of sticker shock.

At Purl Soho, these babies go for only (ONLY!!) $35/yard, which may sound outrageous for quilt fabric, it is actually a very very good deal. Britex was selling it for $50/yard, so I actually didn't even buy a tiny small piece.

Sadly, I show you a picture of the flowers on my kitchen table instead of those teeny tiny liberty beauties that I was thinking would come home with me. Perhaps this is just a sign that I need to do some more online ordering from my beloved Purl!

Ok, and if you're thinking, why would anybody ever become so attached to these Liberty fabrics? Pleeeeease go and see the amazing beautiful stunning quilt that Alex of Moonstitches is in process of creating.


Sami said...

If you're willing to do your shopping on the internet rather than in person, International Fabrics ( is selling Liberty prints for $28/yard (some prints are $32, but most are $28).

Unknown said...

Your flowers are a beautiful shot, but I understand your disappointment at not finding some reasonably priced Liberty fabrics. I have purchased most of mine on ebay and for far less than 35$ a yard. I hope you find some soon!

The Calico Cat said...

I get some everyonce in a while at a local fabric shop with their coupons. :o)

Kirsten said...

I understand your obsession with LoL! But I didn't even know Britex had them! I miss you tons, Miss Marisa, and I hope all is well with you and little peanut! See you soon!

Dorie said...

oh, yes. they are up there. The one I brought home was 40. I figured with the shipping purl would have gotten up there too. Rationalization. They are seriously so pretty. Easy to obsess.

Love your block above!

Unknown said...

Approx. $28/meter is the price in Tokyo. But I only buy it when all Liberty prints are 50% off. $14 a meter I can handle. But $50??? No way.


Unknown said...

just found this post from googling liberty of london fabric and so excited to find another Bay Area LoL enthusiast! This comment is coming a year after you posted this so you probably have what you are looking for but if you ever need an LoL fix I sell gobs of it on my etsy shop.