Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paper flowers

For Father's day, I made paper daffodils for my husband.

They came from Paper Source. It's taking more discipline than I have to avoid also picking up the kits to make their Fringe flowers, Vintage Blooms, and Norsa flowers.

The girls in their shop recommended that I trace some more blossoms on more colorful paper, if that was my taste.


Their web site even has how-to videos. Is that the coolest or what?

They offer classes in certain shops, including calligraphy. One even had a class on my all time favorite, Copperplate calligraphy. Oh, how I want to take that class!!

My husband loved them too. He took the above picture because he was so impressed with the little father's day gift offerings, and he wants to take the paper flowers to his office when I'm tired of them on our dinning room table.

It's rare that I stumble, or tumble for that matter, over a new blog that really lights my fire. Of course Ravenhill by Emily is still on the top of my list (give-away in process now, go check it out!), but I also just started reading Tumbling Blocks blog.

Tumbling Blocks has some beautiful creations and some extremely tasteful photographs that have been making me smile.


Petra said...

wishes for the new baby, I am a - 62!
congratulations for the blog!

Oiyi said...

The paper flowers are so pretty and the presents are wrapped so nicely.

sherry said...

i saw those flower kits at paper source and so wanted to buy them. they look great. glad to hear you guys are doing well. i am so excited for your baby boy.