Saturday, June 14, 2008

More taupe quilt fabric - Daiwabo!

It's hard to resist picking up some new tiny squares of taupe fabric when Daiwabo comes out with their new collection.
Pinwheels has charm packs of them in 5.5 inch size as well as smaller 4 inch and adorable 2 inch size.

They never seem to last long, so if you need a pack for an upcoming scrap quilt, or some small applique work, pick some up because they are the perfect way to get a large variety of different fabrics.

I've also become fascinated lately with this blog called Molskinerie. It's all about different ways to use those tiny Moleskin notebooks that we love.

Some artists do really creative work in these tiny books. How cool would it be to make one devoted to quilting? Tape tiny scrap pieces in there, draw out block ideas for your next project...I think I'll go ahead and get one started!

Modofly has some incredible decorated Moleskins that I will admit that I crave.


Per said...

I would have commented immediately, but I was too busy going to buy some fabric from the wonderful site you recommended! Thanks for the great tip. The fabrics are so gorgeous and I have been looking for an online shop that carries it.

I cannot stop my enthusiasm for your wonderful blog!!! I am so glad to have found you.

Hope that you have had a great weekend!

Ravenhill said...

Sorry, I just posted as my husband as I am on his account right now!

The Calico Cat said...

They better still have some when I go to Hershey next month... (I have a GC.)

claire said...

it's very lovely this fabric! thank's for the link