Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Two baby quilts for "Twin" cousins

First of all, thanks for the ideas of how to get rid of my little veggie box kitty pooper.

I think that last post scared it off, because it hasn't been back since. If I see any further deposits, I'll be sure to put some of your ideas into practice. Oh, and don't worry, I haven't gotten near the poops, since I know it's not a good idea being pregnant and all...My sweet husband has been the clean up crew.

The picture above is of a "Popcorn Hydrangea" that my grade school friend gave to me from her garden, but I could not resist and just ordered some plants for our house.

In case you have the time, you should know that the Doll Quilt Swap is on again and currently taking sign up's. They will cap it at 100 people, so sign up now if you want a spot. I participated in the past, and there are some amazing little quilts that get created here.

I am not signing up this time, however, because I have my hands full with the "Twin" baby quilts.

Probably haven't mentioned this before, but my little sister is pregnant as well and is due on the same day as me. I know, it's incredible, but yes, it is the same exact due date.

My sister decided that between her, my mom, and myself, we would each make 2 baby quilts - one for each of the cousins. They need to be the same pattern and size, but the colors and themes can be different since my baby will be a boy and her baby will be a little girl.

I've started cutting a few pieces, and getting really excited about it now. We are taking a class together this weekend to spend some time working on them. Once I have some finished blocks I'll post pictures for you to check out.


Anonymous said...

That's cool about you and your sister. My husband was born on the same day as his cousin, about 12 hours apart. Moms were sisters-in-law.

Natalie said...

Such happy news. Can't wait to see the quilts and looking forward to a peek at those twin cousins.

Ravenhill said...

Thank you for letting us know about the doll quilt swap - I am so happy to have joined! I keep returning to your lovely blog again and again- what a fantastic resource! I have been to so many of your great links. Thank you for sharing!