Sunday, August 24, 2008


Does 35 sound old to you?

Well, it does a bit to me, but I suppose I've earned it.

My family is gingerly helping me enter the 2nd half of my 30's by spoiling me in all sorts of ways. My little sister will turn 30 tomorrow, (our birthdays are only 1 day apart) and because we are both pregnant it turns out that we couldn't travel in order to be together this year. I do miss her.

Hopefully all you hip youngster bloggers won't give up on reading my little blog here now that I'm too old to qualify for the AQS Young Quilt Designer's award. And to the rest of you who have already made it past your 35th birthday, I'm right there with ya!

I came up with the cable above for use in the star portion of the baby quilts. I don't think I'll be using trapunto, since the quilts will be used by babies after all, but I'm tempted to do a little bit of it.


dot said...

Happy birthday to you. 35 sounds younger than 50. Enjoy your day.

My name is Michelle. said...

Happy birthday(s). It's actually OK here on the other side, kinda like when you become a mother.

Helen Conway said...

Nope I'm 38 and that is still fine so don't sweat 35!!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Marisa, 35 sounds good to me. I keep telling myself it's only a number, I'm only as old as I feel, and then I look in the mirror! Big mistake! LOL
My brother and sister, twins, were born on my 2nd birthday!

Karissa said...

Happy birthday!
I'm 27 but I would not consider myself to be a "hip youngster blogger"! Not sure if it's the 10:00PM bedtime or the morning-after headache after two beers, but somewhere in there I crossed that threshold of "young"! ;)

Sharon said...

I love the design on your picture. I'm always drawn to that shape. And NO, 35 does not sound old. You are so alive and full of youth and don't forget it!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day, Marisa!!
35 sounds very young to me. I feel like I've stopped getting old when I turned 27. Of course I feel older physically but not mentally.

I love your baby quilt! Your color choice and design remind me of "KOINOBOR" for boys!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! Take gooood care!

ZĂ© said...

Happy birthday!

doens 39 sound too old to you, or am i still young enough to comment:)

ray said...

Happy Birthday!!

Don't worry, most of us are right behind you if not already beyond :)

Hope to see you guys soon along with the imminent new arrival.

marianne said...

Happy Birthday Marisa! 35 is a great age! Definitely not old!

Zegi said...

35 is the cut off for the young designers award?! AAARGh! Happy Birthday, though! I think being pregnant over a milestone birthday sure helps take the edge off :)

sherry said...

happy birthday. how funny that your sisters birthday is only one day from yours and your babies are due on the same day. i wonder if they will be one day apart. very strange.