Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Made Halloween Costume - astronaut

By special request of my friend Joachim, here's a picture of our tiny 3 yr old astronaut on Halloween. I made the pants and shirt, and bought the helmet from Amazon.

I got some cool patches from the Kennedy Space Center and put them on there also, but you cannot see them in this picture - I think the helmet is covering them for some reason.

Also, the results of the "Quilt Block Election" are in....looks like Nine Patch is the winner. It's such a fun and easy block. Log Cabin was a close second.


kathleen said...

my goodness. I just want to snuggle him.

great job on the costume ; )

Kates said...

It's adorable! Addy must have been so happy. :)

Love and miss you Marisa! When are you coming up to Berkeley to visit me, huh? :P

Okhee said...

That really is a fantastic costume. Do you make adult sizes as well?

Freeblady said...

Very cute! I'm sure he was very happy with his costume!