Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

Have you heard about this poster that says "Keep Calm and Carry On" and all the popularity it is achieving in this recent downturn?

I think the story is too funny, so I'm making my own version in applique for my doll quilt wall. Using the freezer paper on top method.

My friend Sharon just started a blog about knitting and has asked a very good question about why when you slip a stitch do you have to do it purl-wise, or knit-wise, and really...who cares which way? Since I'm not much of a knitter I certainly cannot help. Let her know if you have the answer over at Knits are for Kids.

I also ran into the cutest ever Etsy shop by LuckyMeBeads that sells custom made silhouette pendants. Are they not the most beautiful things you've ever seen?

Do any of you smartie pants know a good method of making photo or silhouette necklaces using resin? I would love to try this. I'm going to start by making a silhouette of my darling husband.


Kathie said...

what a cool idea and I LOVE the fabric on the table!!!!
I love this saying

Tina said...

check out this post about resin:

Hope it helps!

Sharon said...

Thanks for helping me solve my knitting problem Marisa, you rock! Those little pendants are absolutely adorable! I want ones of my whole family - so so cute!

Lynn said...

The quilt is so cute! thanks for reminding me, i bought the poster a while ago but never put it up...

Jay said...

Marisa, I love the quilt. It's going to be wonderful! How did you make the freezer paper template for the quilt? Also, how big is the quilt? Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Happy Quilting! Jay