Monday, March 23, 2009

And the winner is....

Hats off to all you rockin' photographers out there. Thanks for playing along and taking your before and after pictures for the photo contest!

Check out what Katie did for her before and after photos. Nice work here!

Sew Sally not only posted some very nice photos, but has an awesome pair of blue socks in progress.

Rupert Girl posted some adorable photos of her grandmother's flower garden blocks both before and after.

Patch Which posted her before pix of the cutest little camera bag ever.

Be in Red posted a before photo only so far...but her project is so pretty, go check out her blog.

Sue of Country Creatures also decided to play along with us and posted both before and after.

Diana of Dented Thimble Quilting used a beautiful blue quilt in her before and after photos.

Mari Quilts has posted before and after of her sock - so pretty! I seriously need to knit the other sock in my pair.

So out of all these awesome folks, I put your names in the hat and who won the fat quarters?

Diana of Dented Thimble and Anna of Rupert Girl!

Ok ladies - email your mailing address to me - quilt(dot)baby at hotmail (dot) com and your fat quarters will be on their way.

Oh and if you're wondering the fabric in the above photo is also designed by me and printed by Spoonflower. I'm in LOVE with Spoonflower!


Rhonda said...

Oh, my gosh! That fabric is awesome. Have you thought about selling some of your goodies!

Brooke Everett of be in red said...

I'm sorry, I kind quit working on that trapunto project so I never took the after picture. Sometimes it's just more about the process than the product for me.

I appreciate the photo tips and will keep them bookmarked so that I can refer back to them when I actually finish something.

Thank you Marissa. I love your work.

Sharon said...

Love your fabric, my dear! Beautiful!!!