Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keeping Calm

The Keep Calm and Carry On quilt top is done, and I'm in process of quilting it.

I decided to use black thread to quilt it, which is a little funky, but after all it's an odd little project.

In a desperate effort to polish off the veggies that we get from our CSA, a place called Two Small Farms, my husband discovered this cool site called RecipePuppy.

Enter items in your frig, and the puppy comes up with recipes for you.

I tried snails and chocolate just to test its limits, and it didn't find anything. But, what it found for coffee and chocolate was definitely worth some thought.

And what is with this knitting site called Why are knitters so very cool? Where is the quilting equivalent of this site?

Continental Knitting blows my mind. I might have to invent "Continental Quilting".

Continental Quilting: Twice as fast as regular quilting with less movement of your fingers! to implement that...hmmm...


Bunny said...

"continental quilting" *giggle* That would be great.

Lynn said...

AWESOME. I love having the puppy fetch! And the quilt looks fantastic!

Hee hee... my verification word is "cooties"!!

Ravenhill said...

When I moved to Norway I learned to knit continental style. I will never be super fast at it but it was well worth the initial struggle because it is faster than the "old" way!

Your quilt top is so cool! Is this your own pattern?
~emily x

Sharon said...

That knittinghelp site is the best for sure! Thanks for the puppy link :) Definitely giving that a try... so did you dabble in the continental knitting?? I did some rows of it on a swatch, takes some getting used to, but huge potential.