Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hand Quilting and Steel String Guitar Practice

After hand quilting way more than my usual amount, and having not developed calluses yet, my son asked me to play a little guitar for him.

Ouch!! Sheesh, boo boo fingers did not like those steel strings.

The wall hanging quilting is finally done and I have an awesome binding picked out. Now to have some time to just put it on there.

We had a nice weekend here. All healthy for once, that's a new one around here. Maybe the dry weather is doing us some good.

Meanwhile, I'm loving:

the fashion of Rick Owens, such cool designs....
these roses photographed by Quaint Handmade...
this kitchen (beautiful) as photographed by Lara Cameron of Kirin Notebook


antique quilter said...

you should try New Skin its a liquid band aid , I use it a lot and helps until you form those callouses or when I do a lot of hand applique it helps so you can keep appliquéing without pain from the needle pricks!
you can find it in the bandaid section of the grocery or drug store
comes in a little 1 oz bottle
worth its weight in gold!

Unknown said...

Your quilting looks fantastic!

Unfortuantely I can't make the next scvqa meeting as I have to referee a lacrosse game... maybe next time? It's too bad, I'd love to hear Ann Fahl speak!

Unknown said...

I love the hand quilting! How great to use a color that really shows up on your fabric. You do such beautiful and inspiring work!
~Emily x

Kates said...

Playing guitar with no calluses = ouchie. :(

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love the quilts especially Keep Calm!!
great job!!