Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excess Fabric

Is there such a thing as "Excess Fabric"?

I was searching for a topic for my blog post tonight, since I wanted to show you a photo of the blocks I made for the Sarah Johnson quilt but thought I should have something more intelligent to say than just - hey check out my awesome signature blocks.

So I asked my dear husband what topics I have yet to cover in my blog.

He said, "How about asking people how they use their excess fabric?"


Or maybe not - if you check out the May 2009 give away from Sew Mama Sew, you may find that lots of folks have excess fabric and are more than happy to give it away to you as long as you leave them a comment.


Una said...

Your blocks are wonderful!

I agree - no such thing as excess frabric in my vocabulary either.
But if there existed such a thing, how about making more quilts..,)
Take care

Unknown said...

The only excess fabric I own is the fabric that I wish I didn't own but is the stuff in my trousers covering the inches of my hips which shold not be there