Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Glass Slipper

Once upon a time, my girlfriend Sharon of Knits are for Kids knitted this sock for her son, and it was too small.

Boo...hoo...what a horrible shame that is. I wonder if it would fit on our baby son instead?

Did she give the the sock? Of course.

Does it fit our baby?

bup bup BAAAHHH.....stay tuned for the next riveting installment of this amazing tale.......

Will he fit the knitted sock, and will she be begged by her dear friend to knit up a mate for it?

I feel like there should be a fairy Godmother involved here or something.


Tina said...

cute sock...hope it fits...and that he doesn't "walk" around one-socked for long!

AnnaVallance said...

Love the colours on that sock and hope it fits.

Lea said...

Oh, That's so adorable....and cute story.*S*