Friday, May 15, 2009

If the sock fits, wear it!

The sock fits!

Unfortunately (?) my friend Sharon will have to make it's mate. Good thing she's such a fast knitter. She will be racing the clock vs. the awesome growth path of our baby son.

Things to enjoy this beautiful Friday:

- Adorable cable sweater from Purl Bee
- Poison Green quilt from Lea at Simple Pleasures
- Incredible quilt show photos from Jan at Be* Mused


herşeyden azıcık said...

Scoks very nice but your babys foot is more nice:))

Sharon said...

Won't be long now, I'm on the heel flap :)

Penny Tucker said...

Hi Marisa,
I have been looking through your blog with some is it that we've never met! But, I'm certain we must have some friends in common. But, I am getting off the track. The reason I'm posting this message is that I have noticed you're interested in quilt, to me...that translates to historic quilts.
You may already know, but the American Quilt Study Group is holding it's annual meeting this October at the San Jose Marriott. As co-organizer of this event, I encourage you to go to the AQSG website and check it out. Bobbie Aug is likely to attend...but, if not her then rafts of other quilt historians and appraisers.
I've also set up a link from my blog to yours. (

kathleen said...