Saturday, August 8, 2009

1 Year Old Birthday Prep

My sister and I are in full planning swing to play for the one year old birthday parties of our babies. Her girl will be 1 in about a month and my boy will be 1 a few days later.

We both have big parties planned.

Her party is a cupcake party, and I have the pleasure of dressing my niece in the the worlds cutest ever skirt for her big day.

Our theme is a puppet party, so we'll be having a professional puppet show. Should be a really huge blast.

My own birthday is quickly coming up and I'm thinking that the perfect gift for me from our sons would be this little fawn mommy necklace (hint hint). Is it not the cutest thing ever?

Oh yes, and I finished quilting another of the feather blocks.


Lynn said...

Your quilting looks incredible. And that skirt really is fantastic!

Chara Michele said...

Love the quilting you are doing! It looks so lovely!

plectrum said...

That is so photoshopped. The bokeh looks all wrong. Knowing Marissa she probably used picnik on it :p